time capsule

This is the time capsule.

I bought tarpey.dev with the primary goal of improving my programming skills by building out some small apps...but I haven't lost sight of the fact that my website used to be an important portal for me to express what I was feeling (especially during an emotionally turbulent high school and college career). I think it makes sense for me to give these pages I built during my academic career a place of their own.

Just about everything contained within is untouched since the last iteration of michaeltarpey.com (probably since 2013 or so). The high school pages are even older than that. I scrubbed each page for inactive email addresses and old scripts before uploading.

Some links won't work, and the profile information is obviously pretty dated. If you're looking for my up-to-date resume, you can visit LinkedIn.

There are three hidden pages that are only accessible by typing in the correct URL. (From what I can tell, this is intended behavior from past me. I was still uploading HTML templates for these pages, but there are no links to them within the site.)

With all that said...