Junior English Digital Portfolio

Mrs. Fok's AP English Language and Composition, Block 4A

Welcome to my digital portfolio website for the 2008-2009 school year! This page is just a small reflection of all the things that Mrs. Fok's classes accomplished during the nine months of junior year. I've chosen to highlight two pieces that I believe encompass me as a writer: a research paper that demonstrates my ability to use academic, formal language in conjunction with logical arguments, and an argumentative essay that utilized emotional and spiritual life experiences, both past and present. The rest of my works from the year are located below the two featured pieces for your enjoyment. So, enjoy!

Featured Piece 1
Lethargic Letters: An Essay on the Overuse and Misuse Of the Epistolary Novel Format

Featured Piece 2
Argumentative Essay from the 2009 AP Exam

Compositions Not Featured
Ambiguous Adoption: An Examination on the Practice of Same Sex Adoption in the United States
Chris McCandless is Brave
Career and Life Goals
Landstown Times Editorial on fights in school
Letter to Senator McCain
Now In Stereo
The Color Purple: A Comparison Between Celie and Nettie

Other Projects
Conversational Roundtable: A Socratic Dialogue
Conversational Roundtable: A Socratic Dialogue...of bloopers
Giovanni's Bike Shop
Giovanni's Bike Shop: The Aftermath
Giovanni's Blooper Shop
Joe's Monologue

The past three years of high school English have been immensely rewarding for me as a person. Freshman year taught me that I could take a subject and run with it, turning it into an entertaining and rewarding piece. In contrast, sophomore year took my biggest weakness, the research paper, and turned it into my greatest strength by far, utilizing my love for logic. This year's English class distinguished itself by being the deepest and most analytical that I have been a part of.

I grew as a writer in multiple ways. The various topics that this year's curriculum covered naturally called for a certain level of genuine thought and emotion that helped me connect to my pieces in ways I never had before. Even at the culminating point of the year, the AP examination, the topic for the argumentative portion of the free response had the ability to evoke some of the deepest writing I have ever done.

I've always enjoyed writing, and now that I have extremely solid foundational skills, I look forward to applying them to very specific works in next year's senior English class.

For reference, the writing goals that I composed at the beginning of the year can be found by clicking here.